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3 most important steps to building your beautiful Executive Home

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Haskell Construction like to work closely with clients throughout the process of building your home. To help you better understand how to get the best results from the process here is our guide to the three main steps you will take.

1.      Planning & Research.
It is essential you put the time into planning your project. This can include building a visual board of the things you like. Visiting potential areas where you might want to build and checking out the sort of sections/land available. Before consulting with your architect spend a good amount of time planning, researching, looking at materials, ideas, & designs, this will save you time and money later. It’s better to take longer here so you build it bight than to rush and regret it.  Haskell Construction are here to help and guide you through this part of the process.

2.      Design
The real fun begins. During the design phase make sure you and your builder are actively involved with your chosen architect. A good design process is the essential key to building a beautiful home. Enjoy the journey and ensure you are comfortable with the decisions being made throughout this exciting time. Your builders’ input during this time will help nail down a design that will work easily and maximise your budget while also ensuring your creative choices are honoured and included.

3.      Construction
Choosing the right builder is crucial to a great result. Ensure you choose a builder that you trust. Do your homework, references and even visit some of the recent builds to get a feel for the right company. Remember, making changes after a building project has started is expensive and generally causes delays. Insurance, especially against theft and fire, is essential and is your responsibility. Make sure you have the up to date plans and you are allowed to visit the site on a regular basis to ensure you are happy with the progress and quality of work. Be part of the project right from beginning and right up until those magical keys to your new beautiful executive home are handed to you.

Haskell Construction enjoys helping guide clients through this entire process. We help you significantly reduce your stress through great communication and by providing ideas and solutions to any issues that arise.

Happy Building

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