Designing the perfect bathroom

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So, you are building a new home or renovating your current property. One of the most important considerations will be creating the perfect bathroom.

Gone are the days where bathrooms are just places you needed in your house to clean yourself and clear yourself.

The perfect bathroom is a place that should offer comfort and luxury. You know your bathroom is working when your friends, relatives and neighbours all want to spend more time in your bathroom.

So what makes a bathroom comfortable and luxurious?

Well in our books keeping your toilet separate from your bathroom / shower is essential unless maybe it is your ensuite where we can do some creative designing to make it work well.

The bathroom itself is spacious and provides some views or stunning decor that enables you to enjoy this space you love to be in. Because bathrooms are usually small and don’t have large windows either because of the lack of space or for privacy reasons, the views from here are almost inexistent. So when a bathroom has such huge windows and wonderful views, it stands out as being luxurious.

A large bath you can relax in, for sure, a luxury tub that helps you bathe and unwind. A personal pond that offers you an escape from the day or dear I say it, those pesky friends, relatives and neighbours. Possibly a bath that accommodates more than one. More than likely you are after a free-standing tub that makes a statement when you walk in the room. Given the utilitarian nature of the bathroom and everything included in it, usually the designs are space-efficient and focused on functionality. So, having a freestanding tub to act as a focal point is a luxury detail for those after the perfect bathroom.

A large shower, with plenty of room to accommodate your personal needs that provides instant hot water from multiple roses, slide shower option and more than likely a ceiling mounted rose than provides that rainfall sensation that allows you to meditate your stress away.

Cabinets and washing tubs that offer space and beauty again designed with the regular visitors in mind.

Stunning lighting that helps create the ambience you are looking for whether that be rest and relaxation or romance?

The finishes and textures play an important role in the overall design of the bathroom. Haskell Construction can help you understand what is available and match this to your personal design ideas and needs.

Haskell Construction has created a Pinterest account for people to see examples from around the world to inspire, educate and help you design that perfect bathroom. The bathroom your neighbours wished they had thought of. Find our Pinterest page here

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